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There's no better way to learn a language than by complete immersion. At Dream Seeds, our native-speaking instructors create a space where everyone, no matter their skill level, can feel comfortable learning and working in English. If a student needs extra help, our dedicated language teacher will make sure they receive the attention they need.



We should strive to teach our children skills that will continue to be useful for the lives. That's why we approach programming as a collection of ideas for solving problems; a set of concepts rather than the strict commands used in a single programming platform. Our curriculum is thus designed to be useful for any programming language in any platform, containing skills that extend beyond the context of computers.


Drones and Robotics

"Automation" is a term finding its way into nearly every industry and field. Robotics are a very significant part of this phenomenon. We believe it to be important to familiarize kids with these concepts, and the capabilities of these technologies, not just in the field of manufacturing, but in other domains in which we find robotics today, from transportation to filmmaking.

Presentation Skills 

Whether in the academic or corporate environment, an idea is only good as how well it is conveyed. The communication of ideas depends on a combination of technical knowledge, language ability and soft skills. At Dream Seeds, children learn and practice communication through public speaking and writing, building both their confidence and abilities. 


Digital Art

Self-expression is a vital skill for all individuals, and for many, this manifests itself in the form of art. Digital art is a exists in many forms, from digital painting to music production and video editing. We aim to empower our students with these exciting new tools to broaden their horizons. These skills can also be useful in professional fields, such as design and marketing.

3D Modeling and 3D Printing

A rapidly growing technology in the field of engineering, 3D printing is here to stay. Combined with 3D modeling, anyone has the power to turn their ideas into concrete objects. This empowering combination is not only fun  and exciting for the kids, but also teaches them about manufacturing processes, project design and spatial thinking.

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