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Mission & Vision

Our aim is to give children an environment where they can learn the skills they need to be healthy, well-rounded people. Through project-based workshops, kids experiment with exciting cutting-edge technologies at their own pace. They are given the freedom to express their creativity while developing non-cognitive skills through cooperative groupwork, all in a fully English-speaking context. Our international teachers help students by pointing them in the right direction, without oppressing their self-expression. 

Our Values

We are concerned that conventional schools do not nurture many of the skills kids need to succeed in life. At Dream seeds, we aim to incite their curiosity, feed their creativity, and promote free, independent thought. Real problems are not solved by simple memorized formulas. Let's teach kids the right way from the start. Entrepreneurs and innovators need to be able to ask the right questions and look for their own answers. These soft skills permeate our technological and language-based activities.


Platform-independent learning

The cutting-edge of today might be obsolete tomorrow. It is a poor long-term plan to just teach kids how to use the best tools available now--rather, we believe a general, platform-independent technological fluency is preferable. Our curriculum includes topics that are common across a wide variety of fields, from engineering to art, that have proven to be a solid foundation for almost any professional.

About the Company

Dream Seeds Camp

3-5-2, Nishi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, TOKYO



Kayoko Ikushima / CEO


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